$500 Giant Ariel Doll Vs. $10 Ariel Doll - DISNEY LITTLE MERMAID DOLLS TOYS REVIEW!

$500 Giant Ariel Doll Vs. $10 Ariel Doll! Which is the best? This was such a fun toy video to review! Ariel is such a beautiful doll to collect! The dolls i reviewed are the disney store classic little mermaid doll, and the limited edition ariel doll! These are such amazing dolls and i'm so excited to review them for y'all! i'm loving this cheap vs expensive thing so let me know if you guys are still liking it! Dont forget to check out my other toy reviews! this channel is kid friendly and made for the whole family! $10 Cinderella Doll VS. $1,000 Cinderella Doll - DISNEY PRINCESS DOLLS TOYS REVIEW! $15 Wedding Barbie VS. $400 Wedding Barbie - BARBIES DOLLS TOYS REVIEW! Cheap vs Expensive Moana Disney Princess Doll Toys Review! Dolls Stuffed Animals Toy Unboxing Reviews ELSA AND ANNA GO TO SCHOOL Disney Toys SKIT With MOANA FROZEN PRINCESSES Doll Parody RAPUNZEL Disney Store Doll Toys Review TANGLED DISNEY PRINCESS Fun Dolls HAIR Unboxing SURPRISE DISNEY PRINCESS TOYS Elsa Ariel Belle Blind Box Mystery Minis Frozen Toy Reviews ELSA OPENS SURPRISE EGGS Frozen Anna Egg Surprises Disney Princess CANDY EGGS TOYS SURPRISE EGGS OPENING Disney Princess Egg Surprises With Moana CANDY TOYS EGGS CINDERELLA Disney Store Doll Toys Review DISNEY PRINCESS Barbie Fun Dolls Unboxing ELSA & ANNA Frozen Disney Store Dolls Review! MAGICAL Princess Doll Unboxing Reviews PLAY DOH PIZZA MAKER Play-Doh Toys Set FOOD PLAYDOH TOY PLAY DOH Disney Prettiest PRINCESS CASTLE Tangled Rapunzel, Cinderella, Belle Play-Doh Dress Up Play Doh Cookout Creations PLAY-DOH FOOD BURGERS HOT DOGS Barbeque Grill Playset Playdoh Review PLAY DOH DENTIST Doctor Drill N Fill Playset Toy SUPER FUN TOYS Play-Doh Teeth Review PLAY DOH MINIONS HAIR CUT MAKEOVER TOY Play-Doh Minion Disguise Lab Toys DESPICABLE ME Play Doh ICE CREAM Perfect Twist Sweet Shoppe PLAY-DOH DESSERT Playset Playdoh Review TROLLS HAIRCUT Poppy's Stylin Pod Toy Review TROLL Fashion Frenzy Makeover Toys Unboxing! BARBIE MAKEOVER Color Cut Curl Deluxe Styling Head BARBIE'S HAIR MAKEUP NAILS Toy Playset Review SPLAT BALL TOYS Squishy Tomato STICKY SPLAT BALL Pig Stress Ball Toy Review


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