youtube Antichrist polight hebrew israelites IUIC zabach black women esau amalek jake sara suten seti black power christianity 101 OBAMA, Louis Farrakhan Responds to Critics of Her Interracial Marriage - Opra Oprah winfrey.Douglas Hamp, jesus-christ, GOCC ,antichrist, jews, israel, antisemitism, youtube, music, awards WATCH THESE LINK THIS ONE AS WELL The idea of creating a single multisource dataset of trans-Atlantic sla voyages emerged from a chance meeting ,Record Office in 1990 while they were working independently on the early and late British slave trade shipping business begun years earlier by Maurice Schofield. All this work, together with the Bristol volumes that Richardson had already published, made it seem feasible to integrate the records for the very large British slave trade for the first time, and beyond that, given the available Dutch, French, and Portuguese data, to collect a single dataset for the trade as a whole. Afro-American Research at Harvard University, headed by Professor Henry L. Gates, J tommy sotomayor British trade after 1779, plantation Register data set, all in machine-readable format. . The first was standardizing the existing data. Pioneers in the field had collected their data using different definitions of variables, sometimes of apparently similar items of information, as well as a range of organizational formats . The second task was collating voyages. The third task, which became increasingly important as the project progressed, was adding new information. About half of the 27,233 voyage records subsequently published on the 1999 CD-ROM in 1999 were new. tommy sotomayor horn of africa kenya, uganda, RDC, congo, Congolese, angola, south africa, zimbabwe,Tanzania, Rwanda,hutus, Tutsis hamites, Africans, zambia, cuba, haitians, west indians, siddi african community in india proof black are jews kongo kingdom,Gabon, freemasons, secrets societies conspiracy khazars fake jews israel , palestine, war, middle east, bantus, lemba jews , lost tribe, digging for the truth, secrets of the bible, zionism, shlomo sand Voyages is the product of a further great surge of information on the slave trade that has happened since 1999. Latin-American slaving expeditions were seriously under-represented on the CD-ROM, and, as a consequence, between 2001 and 2005 a major research initiative was undertaken in Portuguese and Spanish language archives around the Atlantic basins to address this deficiency. Three years of funding for this work (from 2002 to 2005) came from the Arts and Humanities Research Board of the United Kingdom and was administered through the University of Hull with David Richardson and David Eltis as the principal investigators. Manolo Florentino anchored the work in Rio de Janeiro, Roquinaldo Ferreira in Luanda, and Jelmer Vos in Lisbon, and other European archives. The major documentary collections explored in this period were in archives in Luanda, Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Lisbon, Havana, Madrid, Sevilla, Amsterdam, Middelburg, Copenhagen, and London as well as the extensive eighteenth century newspaper holdings of the Bodleian and British Libraries. scholars unconnected with the project continued to give of their time and the archival data that they themselves had collected. While the range and depth of work completed before the year 2000 was impressive, in India, HISTORY CHANNEL,China, Japan, Tokyo, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Brazil, Colombia, Russia, Ukraine, War, Science, Nato, Middle East, ferguson, mike brown,Alex Jones Infowars hebrew israelites black god name yahweh ,yahawah, yahawashi,yasharwan elder lahab greatmillstone gms zabach WGN tahar bible judah israel king upk christ jesus isupk sot sons of thunder general truth elders kingdom law yahanna 12 tribes panther jake edomite esau devil wicked africa african hamite afro americans history slave trade natives gad lost tribe proof evidence nathanyel7 farrakhan power harlem 14th street kemet nubian west kenya sarasutenseti Arabic: المسيح الدجّال al-Masīḥ ad-Dajjāl, Arabic for "the false messiah" al-Masih ad-Dajjal dajjal mahdi anti-christ iran israel world war 3 end of the world 2012 DEBATE OBAMA sara suten seti polight hebrew israelites IUIC,14th streets israelites,Muslims, Ferguson,mike brown,Alex Jones, Infowars,Marching to zion, Steven L Anderson, Trump, Clinton, 2017,Christmas DayApple Special Event. September 7, 2016. Take a look at our latest announcements. iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Apple Watch Series 2. AirPods.With new camera systems, stereo speakers, and the most powerful chip ever in a smartphone, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus make the things you do most even better. Two new finishes highlight the seamless design.Black lives matter. Civil rights, haiti, caribbean, USA, election, News فضيحة الاسلام الكبري


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