~Killstar Occult Luxury Couture Clothing Line Order In Review~

This is a clothing review of some of the items rcently purchaed from the awesome killstar clothing line. In review is the Killstar Sorcery Hood Dress, Killstar Spell Tunic Dress, KIllstar Invert Pentagram Hand bag, Killstar Abra Cadabra Shirt Dress, and Killstar Reptile Tshirt Dress .All awesome items of which I give 5 stars each. Watch and find out why. Reccomended clothing line . Andd all items mostly are unisex ,so women can buy mens shirt and use as shirt dress, thats what I am doing simply because I am a short person and the shirts are quite long, so add a belt and looks awesome if you average size like me, or petite sized person . Happy shopping! :D Note: All items are direct from killstar.com if your interested , blessed be. Goddess Of Light is a multidimensional Integrationalist living sharing here a way of being and opening up and remembering bio-metaphysical nature of oneness through combinations of quantum psychology and ancient ways of alchemical wisdom with you for your own idea of self in your journey of multidimensional integration. All material is copyright of Quantum Goddess productions and may not be reprinted,copied or re-produced in any form .Any such copyright or publication will result in federal prosecution. (C)2015


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