The BEST Streetwear/Urban Stores:

VLOG #3. The MUST GO TO stores and boutiques downtown Toronto. Brought you guys to the "Reigning Champ" store, "Get Fresh Company", "NOMAD", and "Brimz Hat Boutique." You guys can guarantee these are the Best Stores downtown toronto. Definately fire pickups form any of these stores because of the quality of the pieces and the style! BE YOU!!! If you liked the video don't forget to give a thumbs up!!! ***Checkout The Equipment I Use*** DJI Osmo Mobile Iphone 7 256 GB [Reigning Champ] [Get Fresh Company] [NOMAD] [Brimz Hat Boutique] [CHECK ME OUT ON] -Instagram: @Trinh.Hendrix () and @OfficialTrinhHendrix (...) -Facebook: -Twitter: @Trinh_Hendrix () -Snapchat: Trinhsanity (Snapcode) SHOUTOUT to ECHO for the beat:


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