Image Consultants Challenge in Kalamazoo ... Including Style Consultants and Fashion Consultants

YOU get the Male Opinion and Insight of a Comprehensive Design Professional of 37 years. The Distinctive Difference Maker is here! THE VITAL VIEWPOINT … THE EVER IMPORTANT MALE INSIGHT AND OPINION OPTION COMPARED TO FEMALE FASHION, STYLE, AND IMAGE CONSULTANTS ... Nice ladies such as Kelly Duggan and Patty Buccellato of Refined Images. But ... I am much different! :-) More Style, More Fashion, More Pizzazz! You Can Count On It! FASHION CONSULTANT - IMAGE CONSULTANT - DESIGN CONSULTANT - STYLE CONSULTANT ... STEVEN C. ADAMKO IN KALAMAZOO, MI CALL ME! ... TOLL-FREE AT 866-239-6520 Related Expertise: Related Expertise:


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