Redeemed Clothing - Pozible Campaign

/ / R E D E E M E D C L O T H I N G \ \ It takes a lot to get a business off the ground. This is our story. Enjoy....... My wife and I have worked hard in the professional world for many years. She is a nurse and I am a teacher. Business plans and proposals couldn’t have been further from our minds until we were convicted by a moral obligation. It was the confronting sexually images found on big brand apparel that called us into action. With our hearts set on protecting the innocence of men, women and children we were forced to ponder on what we could do. I did something bold. I quit my teaching job and contacted a well-known business coach to help me on this journey. The last 10 months I have committed myself to learning business and the ins and outs of the industry I want to change. I began distributing other people’s clothing brands but after a while I realised this was not my passion. My initial desire was to design my own apparel. I have chosen to design and manufacture men’s clothing to begin with as it is men’s brands that have really become the billboard for pornography in the last few years. The name Redeemed is our whole story in one word. We are redeeming fashion, we are redeeming the future of innocence and we are welcoming others to join in the redemptive story that we want for our brand. Join us as we redeem fashion forever. Visit our FB for more info www.facebook.com/redeemedcothing/ Visit our website at www.redeemedclothing.com.au


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