2016 Wholesale Clothing Website Review / Haul : WholesaleFashionSquare.com

Looking for a wholesale vendor for your fashion boutique? What wholesale websites are your favorite for clothing? Leave some names below in the comment section or like the ones that are your favorite! Any wholesale sites that you hate? add those too! Trying to source all of the info so we all have a place to refer to for ideas! Wholesalefashionsquare.com sells affordable clothing items and accessories for people who may be starting a clothing store, boutique or even selling online. They don't force a spending amount so it is great if you don't have loads of cash at your disposal. I have had both good and not so good experiences with them. Overall the quality for the price I cant really complain too much. If you would like a more in depth video which would include all of my tips for navigating their site and other things that I've learned that i wish I knew earlier just leave a comment below. I do a review video for any other wholesale sites. If you leave their name in the comments I can post a video about my experience. If you see anything you'd like to purchase be sure to send me your email! Thank you for watching ! LETS CONNECT ⇊ Instagram Twitter| Tumblr Ask Me Questions | Email SHOP With ME⇊ Website: Vinted : Poshmark : Camera Canon Rebel T5i Editing Software iMovie


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