Future of Fashion Retail - clothing, mobile marketing, customers - Retail Keynote Speaker for Detego

Make customer magic. Future of retail: fashion, clothing, textiles, garment tagging with RFIDs. Fusion of online and offline shopping. Omnichannel customers. Future of mobile marketing, viral marketing and social marketing. Logistics and supply chain management. Manufacturing and distribution of clothing industry. High street shopping trends. Online and offline sales. Future of click and collect, home delivery and e-commerce trends. Future of shopping malls and supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenience stores. Future of call-centres. How to make magic for customers. Improving customer experience. Internet of Things. Tagging clothes with RFIDs. Managing stock control in shops and outlets using tags. Future of RFIDs in retail. How next day delivery will shift to next hour delivery. Why the future of retail is about emotion: how to engage retail customers, retain loyalty and strengthen your brand image.


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