The Best Home Workout

http://www.donnaandtora.com/the-best-... Get the full workout with photos at link above. Today I wanted to show you how to put together the best home workout for toning up and strengthening your entire body - no gym membership or personal trainer required! Although there can seem to be an overwhelming array of different exercises you can do, it all boils down to 6 basic movement patterns. These are the movements that we all do in everyday life, and it's where the concept of functional fitness came from. Once you understand how to do the exercises, you'll be able to do the best home workout whatever your current fitness and strength level. For each of the 6 exercises, I've shown you how to modify the exercise to make it easier, and progress the exercise to make it more difficult. The rule of thumb is this: - To modify an exercise, decrease the range of motion you're making - To progress an exercise, increase the weight you're lifting In this video, Donna is my guinea pig as we show you the best form for each of the exercises. To really make the best home workout live up to its name, you really need to focus on your exercise form - so modify as you need until you have the strength to do the full movement. Watch the video for instruction on each movement.


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