3 Aug Can Islamic Fashion Become Haute Couture?

Islamic fashion is often criticised for only catering for the Muslim consumers and will not make it to the mainstream and high fashion market, but facts tell us otherwise. The consumer base for Islamic fashion draws from a diverse range of people who are also non-Muslims. By the sheer number of potential consumer spending, this sector will take the world by storm. In 2013, Muslims spent US$266 billion on fashion alone, more than that of Japan and Italy combined. This figure is expected to increase to US$484 billion in 2019. For a market estimated to be worth US$96 billion, and with many mainstream brands creating modest fashion capsules, the modest/Islamic fashion movement can make it big. What are the constraints and prospects for it to enter into the haute couture scene? Speakers Barbara Nicolini Creative Director of Infinita Group and IFDC, Italian Republic Didiet Maulana Creative Director, IKAT, Republic of Indonesia Faduma Aden Founder & Creative Director, Jemmila, Kingdom of Sweden Moderator Roshan Isaacs Country Manager, Islamic Fashion Design Council (IFDC), Republic of South Africa For more info on the 12th WIEF, visit us at .


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