Hospital Fashion Catwalk Show after 128 days in Quarantine

"Sydney Fashion Week" - Catwalk Hospital Fashion Show FACEBOOK: Facebook.com/fullysickrapper TWITTER: @fullysickrapper Super-mega-ultra-high-end fashion designer Christiani Vanvuriani has designed a collection for the Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2010 (May 3rd - 7th), inspired entirely by the hospital gown. Here you are witnessing the sexy glamorous revealing of the Sicke Collection (pronounced like chic, or seek) by Fashion Channel, FTB. This collection is set to rock the balls out of the fashion industry, and break style barriers all over the universe. Many have predicted that the sky will fall down in a rain of sexy bodily fluids as soon as this collection hits the shelves. The Sicke Collection will be found only in expensive fashiony stores all over the galaxy. Try and buy it and you WILL BE IGNORED! So sit back, and let the fashion assault you. Let it make you its bitch and take advantage of you. Let it abuse your eyes, and make your soul long for it... For none of us are worthy of its glamour. Highly regarded fashion critic and editor of glossy fashion magazines Clarence Ohmygodalot, has said the following about the collection: "OH.... MY.... GOD! This is the future of fashion. And it is the past of fashion. It is both the future and the past of fashion. It is the forever.... Its fucking fashion infinity. This is so now, that now hasnt even happened yet until this existed now....." COME SAY HI ON FACEBOOK: facebook.com/fullysickrapper FOLLOW ME ON GLITTER... I MEAN TWITTER: @fullysickrapper


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