Luxury Items You Can't Live Without TAG | Tagged by Mel in Melbourne NettiesWorld4U FashionablyAmy

Sharing my picks... Luxury Items I Can't Live Without TAG where I had to choose one luxury item from my collection that I couldn’t live without in the following categories: 1. Handbag 2. Small Leather Good 3. Shoes - 4. Jewelry 5. Makeup/Perfume - 6. Miscellaneous extra Thank you Fashionably Amy, Mel in Melbourne and NettiesWorld4U for tagging me. Watch my Luxury Addict TAG here: Thanks for watching!!! xoxo Civ SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more vids FOLLOW me on Instagram @insidecivscloset *********************************************************************** Send mail here: c/o Insidecivscloset PO Box 18626 Ladner PO Ladner, BC V4K 4V7 Canada ***********************************************************************


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