Cute Beauty Crystal Home——Fashion Mommy Pregnancy Check&Baby Angel Care

Cute Beauty Crystal Home is a fun-filled mommy nursling care game. Beautiful princess is ready to having her baby, right now beautiful princess’s feeling is just like a long and run river rolls up levels of waves, so excited. It’s an extremely hard ten months period for her, but beautiful princess is happiness that she can build a complete family for her true love. At this moment, beautiful princess is lying on her hospital and prepares to welcome her new baby. As an excellent doctor, you need to complete basic care for beautiful princess, do physical examinations for her before having baby. After childbirth, you need to take good care of newborn for beautiful princess because of her weakness moment, dress up him elaborately, change a fashion hairstyle, match funny toy and so on.Cute Beauty Crystal Home, come and have fun. Features: - Beautiful princess is having baby, help her. - Do physical examinations before having. - More clothes placed in suitcase, pick up your favorite one. - Kinds of hairstyles, have fun in Cute Beauty Crystal Home . - Learn some basic caring skills. - Pick up an interesting toy for new baby. - Simple operations, easy to play, addictive Cute Beauty Crystal Home . - Exquisite and fluent flash, fresh and adorable drawing, enjoy Cute Beauty Crystal Home . - Vivid scenes design, doctor role play, funny Cute Beauty Crystal Home. You can find us: Official website: Google+: Like us on our Facebook family: Video: Google Play: App Store: AmazonStore: If you have any doubt or you need some tech support, please tell us . We will be there for you 24 hours everyday day. Email:estaff@youkongwan.com


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