Interval Training cardio with waterfall best home Workout and Food #4 |¦| Sum4Seb Video

Found a beautiful waterfall today for our interval training! A good change from weight training and great cardio beside a waterfall. Then we went in to warm up and cook our meal of the day! We set goals for our workout plan of attack , if it's too hard, we do our best and we adjust accordingly the next time we do this exercise. Everyone has to start somewhere, so use your own body weight and build up to using weights if you are just getting started. Make your first goal to complete one full set. Do as many as you can until "failure" to work up to it. For more advanced, you can increase the weight. We did a 15 minute session, pick any 5 exercises, do 2 rounds, with 1 minute on and 30 seconds of rest between. Today's workout: Jumping jacks, push ups, side to side crunches, burpees, and the plank REPEAT for a total workout of 15 minutes. Use these exercises at your own risk, only you know your own fitness capability. If you enjoyed this video, Sub 4 our latest adventures! Thanks for watching, see you in the next one :) Interval Training with waterfall best home Workout and Food #4 |¦| Sum4Seb Video


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