Barbie A Fashion Fairytale Mini Movie. Barbie Goes to Paris. DisneyToysFan.

Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale Mini Movie. Barbie Goes to Paris and Discovers the Flairies with Alice. Subscribe: http://goo.gl/F6BqkQ Barbie stars in a Fashion Fairytale Mini Movie Part 1 of 2. Barbie gets fired from her job, and then gets a break up call from Ken. Barbie’s friends, Grace and Teresa, can’t believe Ken broke up with Barbie over a voicemail. Barbie decides she needs to get away and visit her Aunt Millicent in Paris. Once in Paris she discovers that her Aunt is closing down her Fashion house. She meets her assistant Alice, who as well as Barbie, believes there’s magic in the building. They discover the Flairies Shim’r, Glim’r, and Shyn’e. Flairies are Fashion Fairies without wings, and they lose their glamorizing powers if the building stops having fashion in it. They tell Aunt Millicent that she can’t sell the building, and they decide to create a whole new clothes line with the Flairies’ help to help pay for the building. Jaqueline is Aunt Millicent’s fashion rival, and she sees the magic going on at Millicent’s. Jaqueline kidnaps the Flairies to help her with her Fashion Show. Barbie and Alice realize the Flaries are missing and wonder what happened to them. Will they find the Flairies in time? More Video Parodies: Rapunzel Gives Makeovers to Elsa, Cinderella and Barbie with her new Salon. DisneyToysFan Elsa is Rescued by Anna from Mother Gothel Switching Places. DisneyToysFan Mother Gothel is Switched with Frozen Elsa when She is Trapped. DisneyToysFan Hans is Arrested by Disney Descendants After Anna and Elsa Catch Hans Stealing. DisneyToysFan Will Hans Betray Elsa when He Lives in Arendelle Castle with Elsa and Frozen Anna? DisneyToysFan Cinderella is Inside Out when Evil Stepmother Won’t Let Her go to the Ball. DisneyToysFan Should Elsa Marry Hans or Jack Frost when Hans Turns Nice? DisneyToysFan Mermaid Elsa Saves Hans When Ursula Traps Hans and Anna Won’t Save Hans. DisneyToysFan Princess (w)Rap Battle Elsa vs Anna hosted by Cinderella, Vote for the Winner. DisneyToysFan Frozen Elsa is Kidnapped by Hans and Anna Has to Make Hans King. DisneyToysFan More video links: Tangled Starring Elsa as Rapunzel Mini Movie with Frozen Anna and Kristoff Part 1. DisneyToysFan Elsa Supergirl Saves Anna & Puts Disney Villains in Jail Part 2. DisneyToysFan Frozen Anna and Kristoff Have Babies to Potty Train. DisneyToysFan Brave Mini Movie Stars Anna as Merida Saves Queen Elinor, Part 2 with Frozen Elsa. DisneyToysFan Sleeping Beauty Mini-Movie Starring Elsa, Frozen Anna & Kristoff. DisneyToysFan Frozen Elsa’s Wedding to Hans, Can Anna Stop It? DisneyToysFan Frozen Hans Betrays Anna when he Kidnaps Anna and Elsa's Evil Cousin Becomes Elsa! DisneyToysFan Tangled Mini Movie Starring Elsa Magic Hair & Flynn Rider goes to Jail. Part 2. DisneyToysFan Frozen Elsa is Supergirl when Anna is Kidnapped by Disney Villains. DisneyToysFan Frozen Elsa Pregnant, Elsa Has a Baby when she Marries Jack Frost after Eating Dream Cake. Frozen Fever Snowgies Save Elsa & Anna after Hans Becomes King of Arendelle. DisneyToysFan Disney Toys Fan Channel:


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