Vivienne Westwood Red Label - Autumn/Winter 2015-16 - London Fashion Week

Red Label Autumn/Winter 2015-16 Much like Vivienne, the Red Label girl was born in the country and moved with her family to London when she was 17. She knows the names of all the trees and she’s always been a reader. Since she’s been in London she’s gone to the museums all the time. She’s an art lover and she really thinks culture is very, very important. She is a collector of beautiful things which tell interesting stories, particularly items of historical and cultural importance; textiles, ropes, rugs along her travels. In this collection she has been travelling through Tibet and Afghanistan, inspired by temples and mosques, interiors and traditional dress. She creates a wild and exciting variety of outfits through her eclectic taste and strong sense of personal identity; from sharply-cut suits to layers of woven fabrics and fluid dresses in grainy crepes, silks and rich velvets. Music written and produced by Dominik Emrich


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