Vivienne Westwood Red Label - Spring/Summer 2014 - London Fashion Week

'She danced, and was obliged to go on dancing through the dark night. The shoes bore her away over thorns and stumps till she was all torn and bleeding; she danced away over the heath to a lonely little house. Here, she knew, lived the executioner; and she tapped with her finger at the window and said: "Come out, come out! I cannot come in, for I must dance."' The Red Shoes, Hans Christian Anderson The dance of death must end. Trapped in its hostile environment an animal will die. It will try to leave. It will leave but there is nowhere to go. The models are people who have a home like you and me. We must stop Climate Change to avoid our total catastrophe. Climate Revolution working with Environmental Justice Foundation asks you to help Climate Refugees by filling in the postcard on your seat and we will send it to Ban Ki-moon. I wrote: Anyone who gets home late from work and finds she's forgotten the key. What a disaster! My home is my refuge. Lily wrote: Planet earth is our home. Yet climate change now makes someone homeless every second. I believe it's essential we bring economic and ecological intentions into alignment, and establish more cooperative systems, to protect our planet and its people. I do believe this is possible. -Lily Cole Lily Cole, Vivienne & Andreas have been long-term collaborators and friends. Together they created her iconic dress for the Met Ball 2013, which was made from wild, sustainable rubber from the Amazon, as part of Lily's work with Sky's Rainforest Rescue campaign. Today's project was developed as an 'Impossible' wish for Lily to support Vivienne's Red Label Spring-Summer 2014 show. Impossible.com - founded by Lily Cole - is a vision of society that values human relationships and freedom of expression. First and foremost it hopes to build a culture of giving and receiving through creating a new social network, to be released in the coming months. www.impossible.com www.ejfoundation.org


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