Fashion's #FutureVOICES - Kate Lasco

My application video for The Business of Fashion + Topshop's #FutureVOICES competition. TRANSCRIPT Hey! I'm Kate, I'm 24, I'm from Cleveland, Ohio, and I am one of fashion's Future VOICES. I work at BrownFlynn - a corporate sustainability consulting firm - where we coach Fortune 500 companies on crafting and communicating about sustainability strategy. My focus is on the fashion industry. And it's gotten a bad rep in recent years. Between media coverage of human rights violations in supply chains and documentaries highlighting the challenges we face, it's clear there's a lot of work to be done. I envision an industry where brands integrate sustainability into their core business strategy, disclose their environmental and social opportunities to investors, and inspire consumers to value clothing not just for its design and quality, but also for its positive impacts on society. I am so passionate about this. I am so driven to make change. And I would be absolutely honored at the opportunity to learn from you and your colleagues at the VOICES conference in London next month. The Business of Fashion + Topshop Linkedin.com/in/katelasco @katelasco


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