Frances Harder & Rob Greenspan of Fashion Business Incorporated - Giving Back Through Mentorship

Frances Harder, the Founder and CEO of Fashion Business Incorporated (FBI) meets with the New Mart Network to talk about the need for education and giving back in Fashion. Frances will talk about how she began her journey in the industry, and where on her path she decided to start FBI. Fashion Business Incorporated (known as FBI) provides support to individual professionals in the fashion industry. From mentorships, courses, and events - FBI gives back in so many ways. Also featured in this interview is Rob Greenspan, Finance Expert and FBI's Chairman of the board. He offers valuable insight on finance in Fashion. Subscribe for weekly interview episodes with some of the biggest names in Fashion. Full-length Podcast Interview available on iTunes: New Mart Network Photography/Cinematography: Ilja Maran Video Editing: Eric Malczewski Podcast Editing: Eric Malczewski Music Credit: "Chapitre 1" by Olivier Lecerf


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