THE FUTURISTIC VISIONS OF THE DESIGNERS Best of 2014 | Tendencies | Fashion One

Look into a one of a kind fashion experience as Fashion One brings you the Best of 2014's Futuristic Visions of the Designers. Take trip to the future with the runways and fashion shows that tell stories of the distant future, giving us a surreal and extra-ordinary vision of what lies ahead. Know the inspirations and innovations used in bringing these fashion concepts into reality, with exclusive interviews from Jean-Paul Gaultier, Philipp Plein and Iris van Herpen, along with a glimpse of their runways including Louis Vuitton, Issey Miyake, Rick Owens, Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs and Vionnet. Category: What's Haute Subscribe to Fashion One channel here: Visit our official website here: Facebook: Google+: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: Fashion One is the ONE channel dedicated to fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle. "What's Haute THE FUTURISTIC VISIONS OF THE DESIGNERS Best of 2014" "THE FUTURISTIC VISIONS OF THE DESIGNERS Best of 2014" "Louis Vuitton Foundation" "Louis Vuitton" "Jean-Paul Gaultier" "Issey Miyake" "Philipp Plein" "Iris van Herpen" "Rick Owens" "Alexander Wang" "Marc Jacobs" "Vionnet" "What's Haute " "FashionOne" "Fashion One" "Fashion Entertainment" "Fashion Model" "Runway" "Beauty" "Music" "Fashion One TV" "Designers" "Fashion Designers" "Style" "Collection" "Fashion Show" Code Number: 95382


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