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http://www.fabragi.com Experiment in Progress - You are Involved, Whether You Know It or Not! Hello! Thanks for watching. Have you ever wondered how people get rich? One way is to start a successful business. It’s easier said than done though. How would you like to be part of the making of a business? No one has tried this before. I mean, to ask the social media to help me to build my business. So I guess we will be the first one to try. Wow! It’s exciting. Let’s do an experiment. I would like to invite you to follow my journey to see if I would be successful in building my business. I would also like to invite you to get personally involved. Make recommendations… Give advice… Be part of the experiment… Whether we fail or succeed with this business, we will do it together. So, let’s get serious in building this business together. We can have some fun, make some mistakes, and some progress as well along the way. Oh, I am sorry… the business name is Fabragi. It’s a fashion brand. It comes with a patent pending. The patent is to place a fashion emblem on each and every fashion design. The purpose is to indicate the financial value of each and every fashion design. With the current standard, only the brand logo is displayed to indicate whether a fashion design is high-end or low-end. There’s a problem with that. Each fashion design has its own financial value. So why would we display just the brand logo? With the car industry, there’s the brand logo, which is the Make. There’s also the model emblem. While the Make indicates if the brand is high-end or low-end, the model emblem indicates the financial value of a vehicle. For example, the Mercedes C-class indicates the price to be around $30,000 while the S-class about $100,000. Why can’t we do the same for fashion? The fashion emblem would indicate the financial value of fashion. Let’s upgrade the current fashion standard to include the fashion emblem. Please be part of history to revolutionize the fashion industry. Shall we begin this experiment?


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