Cut Cut Undercut ▲ Gameplay ▲ best men haircut 2016

Before haircut or after be better? Comments. youtube.com/c/artyomchehairstyle vk.com/che_artyom fb.com/che.artyom instagram: @artyom.che Music Композиция "In a Heartbeat" принадлежит исполнителю Kevin MacLeod. Лицензия: Creative Commons Attribution (). Оригинальная версия: . Исполнитель: Its funny game try to say - "f*ck you, undercut". every second man wears this haircut and thinks that he is a super brutal and unique. And that "brutal and unique" guys says undercut it's real man's haircut. And he spending hours before a mirror to properly brush hair, style, and all day corrected his hairstyle. Real men's haircut, is the haircut that makes respect and fear, which does not require brush, dry, and too much attention. In the video, the final haircut is very radical, and I hope that you will be perceived it like a performance, with general idea. I'm not a call to action to shaved all heads)) and... easy haircut maybe fun.. thanks to all guys who cut this shit undercut with me.


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