SHAVING MY HEAD AGAIN!! New nape undercut haircut design

WATCH IN HD!! GIVE A THUMBS UP IF YOU LIKE UNDERCUTS!!! GIVE A THUMBS UP IF YOU ENJOYED VID. LEAVE COMMENTS BELOVE IF YOU WANT MORE MAKEUP OR NAPE UNDERCUT VIDS. Hello again to all my subscribers! & Welcome to all new viewers! PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LEAVE COMMENTS OR REQUESTS! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stay in touch with me: dhasialopez22@gmail.com Insta: DaeeLo_ Twitter: Dazewithdaee -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ants IG: 1nonlyasutt Ant music: Soundcloud.com/a-sutt and Youtube: youtube.com/asutt-pso (both songs played are A.SUTt music aka Ant aka MY BOYFRIEND :)) ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­- GET TO KNOW ME & WHY I STARTED MY CHANNEL: Have fun Removing your black heads!! WATCH HOW: ... THANK YOU EVERYONE. ILOVEYOU!


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