Vivienne Westwood Red Label - Spring/Summer 2015 - London Fashion Week

Rich in colour, print and crisp, summer-ready fabrics, there are three main influences behind the Red Label SS15 collection; ancient Greece and paganism, the work of Russian artist Leon Bakst and French fashion of the 18th century. Our designers specifically explored Leon Bakst’s theatrical work on Greek tragedies - from set design to the costumes - and an exhibition Vivienne saw in the late Eighties and cites as one of the best she’s ever seen, Revolution in Fashion: European Clothing 1715-1815 at the Kyoto Costume Institute. All of these influences can be seen throughout the collection. For instance, a quilted flower print which was inspired by a porcelain print in the Kyoto exhibition appears on dresses, jackets and skirts. Then a tiled floor used on the set of a production Bakst worked on led to pieces of jacquard knitwear, and structured tailoring and drapery represents ancient Greece. The message communicated in this show was the campaign for Scottish Independence. Vivienne hopes that the Scottish ‘Yes’ vote will win and that Scotland will become an independent country. Music by Will Wadham


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