FINERA® - Home Fashion 2016

In 2016, FINERA® brings back to the public the recognized quality Made in Portugal with contemporary luxury products and a renewed strength. The new items, strongly inspired by the latest trends, could only be shot in one spot: the Porto River Hotel, located in the city recently elected as the Best European Destination, opened its doors to our finest collection ever. The Douro river’s breeze and the Porto’s light further embellish the new collection, giving it a unique touch of elegance. This is the new FINERA® Home Fashion, where quality and customer satisfaction blend together. Here, we offer a wide range of products made with the latest technologies that combine fine taste with contemporary luxury. Fulfilling the quality requirements and achieving the customer recognition, FINERA® took the lead in international markets and is emerging as one of the best and most solid companies in the textile industry. We believe that this enchanting catalogue, made with full dedication, shows exactly that: we are passionate about fine arts in home textiles. Welcome to FINERA® world.


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