VIDEO TAG: Luxury Items I Can't Live Without || Maria Gracia

Sorry for the lenghty video. This is just a Fun Tag and i am not in anyway bragging my things here i just love sharing it to everyone. This Tag was originally made or was started by Eva in the City. I really thank sis Bea of personalobsession for Tagging me in this Video. Catergories: (you need to choose one piece of your item in every catergory) 1.Handbag 2.Small Leather Goods (SLG) 3. Shoes 4. Make up/ Perfume 5. Miscellaneous Items mentioned: 1. Speedy 35 in Damier Ebene 2. Victorien Wallet in fuschia Color here is the link to my review: 3. UGG boots 4. YSL color /Versace Bright Crystal 5. Gucci Shawl i bought from Roermond Holland People mentioned: Eva in the city: Purseonalobsession: Karilie Shanelle: Happywife happymom: Mommylove:


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