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Happy 2017 everyone! I'd love to talk about streetwear fashion trends for men in 2017 for winter and spring and show you guys what I've got over Boxing Day! This is sort of a haul / pickups video so I hope you'll enjoy it! :D _FUR COATS_ Urban Outfitters: ASOS: _ZARA ITEMS_ Zara Brogued Loafers: Zara Black Reptile-effect Backpack: Yves Saint Laurent Teddy Jacket /Transcript/ Hello! What’s up, I’m Nicholas and welcome to my channel! First of all, I’m super excited because my channel is really close to hitting 100 subscribers! I just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me in this very early stage of my channel! And for those of you who aren’t subscribed yet, It’ll be really cool if you’ll hit the subscribe button if you like my videos and would love to see more! So it’s 2017 and most people start the year with making new year resolutions but I’ve got no time for that, however, there are some new trends/style that I would really like to try out in the new year. So last month, I’ve gotten a few items to get the ball rolling and I’d love to show you guys what I’ve got! So just in case you’d also like to try out the things I’ve got, I’ve left links to some of the items down in the description below! The first item is this Faux Fur Coat from ASOS – I just love how pretentious “faux fur” sounds..anyway, I got super excited when I saw it online cos it’s so bold and swag. And I didn’t have a fur coat yet, so I got it immediately but I’ve only worn it once so far cos it’s so loud but I’m definitely gonna wear it out to more often in the coming days. Faux fur coats are super in this winter! And it’s perfect for this crazy ass London weather. Next are items I got over Boxing Day. But because I’ve nothing better to do, I queued at zara for 1 hour for these - pair of BURGUNDY BROGUED LOAFERS and faux crocodile skin backpack. I’m trying to change up my shoe game and move away from always wearing sneakers. And I thought this pair of leather loafers would be a good start. I can see myself wearing this with my usual street style clothing but also with like evening shirts and blazers for the few formal events coming up on my calender! So I’m pretty stoked to give this shoe a try! Next is this crocodile/reptile skin backpack. This was such a good buy, it was on 40% discount, and I think it’s good size for an everyday backpack. There’s also a laptop compartment inside which is always helpful! So yeah, really like this one! Not much adventure-ness going on for this bag. So two weeks ago I went to Morocco for a holiday, the place was just WAS SO AMAZING. And on that trip, I bought this wool striped djellaba. It’s sort of like a unisex traditional clothing. Everyone was wearing one, there were loads of different colors and style but I got this one in a striped design. It wasn’t too expensive, it cost me around 13 pounds. It has a very distinctive pointed hood and because it’s made of wool, it’s really warm and good for the winter months! Also stripes are back in fashion for the season, so I think this was a really good buy! Lastly, I went Thrift Shopping recently, which is sort of an abnormality if you know me but I managed to find several things I like and this was one of them. It’s a burgundy with pink detail Wool Varsity Jacket. It reminded of the Saint Laurent Teddy Jacket at a fraction of the price so I got it, so it was really a cheap alternative. It’s definitely not my usual size but I was hoping it could go with the whole oversized longline trend. On a side note, I don’t know who Sandra is.. if for some slim chance that this jacket originally belongs to you, do drop me a message! I think it’ll be really cool, but if you’re dead, stay dead. Thanks. So that’s all I have for today! I hope everyone of you have an amazing new year ahead, try something fun and new this year and if you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe! I’ll really appreciate it! See you guys soon, bye!! //////////////////// If you have enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up & subscribe! _ Get in touch with me at nichxav.official@gmail.com for enquiries, business, partnerships or sponsorships Social Media: ↯SUBSCRIBE: ↯FACEBOOK: ↯INSTAGRAM: ↯WEB: Disclaimer: None of the products mentioned in any video are paid advertisements unless otherwise stated. Links provided to items in lookbooks/hauls/gift guides are affiliated links unless otherwise stated. In regards to advice given, I am not a professional in the field of cosmetology and all advice and opinions are my personal taken on the topic.


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