How to decoupage furniture a Table

http://upcycledecoupage.com/2016/10/0... People have been asking me how to decoupage furniture. Like me, they have found some interesting pieces at garage sales or they have a side table that they would like to recycle into something beautiful. I will show you how to decoupage using spray paint, wrapping paper, and decoupage techniques. You can also find me on Facebook @ the page Upcycle with Decoupage.That's the name of my book. You can purchase it here You can direct any questions you may have to my Facebook page or here! You can send this video to a friend or to yourself with this link: My Book "Upcycle with Decoupage" is available on Amazon and is filled with all types of practical repurpose ideas! Including one of my favorites ....."how to decoupage a (new) kitty litter box"


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