Babar from A & B talks about Men's Fashion Week Pakistan

Men's fashion Week is a vision of Rampedge Network, it's a prospect to bring fresh and established icons of our textile and fashion industry on one platform to encourage trends and style particularly in men clothing -- It is an idea to bring lavish luxury classic to innovative street style on runway to present variety in men clothing. It's a step to appreciate and value craftsmen associated with a 'Made in Pakistan' tag. It's an opportunity to revamp fashion, style and trends in Pakistani Men. Our Team The shark - Usman Siddiqui The Creative Guy - Arsalan Mohsin The Dentist Girl- Armita Bhesania The I.T Girl - Natalia Gul Jilani Baghdadi The Financer - Mansoor Vohra The Lawyer - Wasif Elahi Butt And for everything else there is MUNIB NAWAZ (Master card) Facebook: Follow us on Twitter :


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