The Perfect Vintage Hair Cut. aka How to Style a Middy Cut.

Everyone wants to know; "What is a Middy Cut"? It isn't as simple as asking your hairdresser for this cut, nor is it a wash and wear style. This hair cut is very straightforward, but requires an old school precision hair cutter to achieve it. It is also an ideal cut for medium to thick hair with natural wave. Then you need to know how to style it. In this tutorial I'll show you just how this looks un styled, how I do a simple pin curl set, and how to comb it out. I've achieved several different looks form the exact same pin curl set, it just all depends on how you comb it out. Follow along and you'll get an idea of whether or not this is the hair cut for you. Tools: Setting Lotion (available at hairdressing supply stores) DO NOT use mousse, gel or hairspray in its place. Bobby Pins or Pin Curl Clips. Tail comb. Smoothing serum, pomade or hair oil. SUBSCRIBE to this channel for all new vintage and retro style hair, beauty and lifestyle videos. VISIT for Daily Outfits, Lifestyle, Fashion, Shopping and Beauty posts!


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