Interview w/Co-Author, Syama Meagher,

E-Commerce Book Launch: "The Fashion Designers Guide, Creating Websites that Sell" If your are building an E-commerce website/platform check out this interview and see more at: http://sociallyshoppable.com/style/?p.... To purchase the book head to: . "The Fashion Designers Guide Creating Websites that Sell" is written by Nicole Giordano & Syama Meagher. (Video By Socially Shoppable) See the interview transcribed below: Q1: What will I find in this book? A: The Fashion Designer’s Guide to Creating Fashion Websites that Sell is the culmination of years and years of consulting emerging market, from small to medium size, fashion brands. These companies have common questions, like “How do I launch properly?”, “What should I do?”, and in this book Nicole Giordano and I take our time to explain all the best practices on how to launch your website today. Q2: How should I decide if I want to use a template or build a custom website? A: When it comes to starting your website, it’s super important to figure out what your budget is. Some people will not have the budget to outsource and get someone to design and build their website from scratch. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have a really awesome website. So if you are going to go the template route, know that there are ways of making it look amazing. But, if you do have the extra cash to spend on getting someone to do something custom, you are going to see huge benefits in that. Q3: What is the importance of a homepage and what designs are currently trending? A: Your homepage is your eyes and ears of your brand. It is there to capture and captivate all of the amazing new customers that you can potentially have. The biggest trend right now is creating dynamic homepages. Homepages that are living, breathing, that change every two or three weeks, that give you a real updated look and feel of what’s going on in that brand’s world. And nowadays you’re seeing brands add things like their press to their homepages. They’re adding their Instagram feeds, they’re adding the events that they’re at. It’s no longer just a static image, and it’s no longer just Flash either. Q4: Where do I start when developing my brand? A: Research your competitors! Taking a look and seeing what’s out there is the number one best way of figuring out who you are and more importantly who you’re not. It’s super important to see, if you’re starting your own brand, “where can I potentially be sold?” and how do you come to those answers… Well, you take a look at your competitors. That’s how you can see “I like this logo, I don’t like this logo”, “I love these colors and layouts or I don’t”. I always suggest that everyone start with an excel spreadsheet and a lot of research. For full transcription go to:


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