Why fashion magazines can’t help you choose what to wear. Total Image Consultants

http://www.TotalImageConsultants.com http://WhoTaughtYouHowToDress.com Do you find yourself wearing the same thing day in and day out and feel frumpy or frustrated? Would you love help beyond fashion magazines and makeover TV shows--help that is more personalized for your body, your wardrobe and your lifestyle? Would you love to know what to do with all the unworn clothing in your closet, so you can either wear them or get rid of them? And, phew, would it be helpful to know whether you should buy something you've been considering or leave it at the store (so you don't waste money or have things sitting unworn in your closet) or even know where to shop? In this video I explain how you can have this support without ever leaving your home! (If you like what you see, use coupon code $100WTYHTD to receive $100 off the 'Who Taught You How to Dress?' virtual program.)


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