Tobi.com Clothing Store Review

Helloo everyone!! Tobi: https://www.tobi.com/i/NjU3MjA4%0A It's been a really long time since I've filmed! Hehehe. I recently purchased from the website Tobi (.com) and couldn't find any reviews of the online clothing store online so I thought I'd make one!! I would probably rate the online store: Cost: 8/10 Shipping: 3/10 Quality: 6/10 Prices are quite cheap - obviously depending on what you're buying but there are loads of sales on the site and you also get the 50% off first purchases. Shipping is heck slow and you risk not even being able to receive your package! But you do get a refund for it. The customer service is a 8/10 I would say! I got my refund back within 2 business days after I had requested for it! The only reason I reduced the score is because they should have just sent out my package prior to getting it back! You can watch the video for more info on my experience! Quality - you will also need to watch my video as I talk about each item! Overall, I think it's a decent online store but I will probably not purchase again because shipping is horrible and I don't have another 50% off discount code! Shipping is also free over a certain amount (I think US$150), otherwise, it's $10. For more information, or if you'd like to ask me questions, please check out my blog on Or you can tweet me at Or facebook me at I'll be happy to talk to you about anything! Just ask! :)


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