Luxury Carmaker Rolls-Royce is Now Using the Fashion Industry to Sell Cars

Supercar maker Rolls-Royce just unveiled its latest handcrafted vehicle at an event in New York City. Rolls-Royce is not exactly your typical Ford, General Motors or Toyota. Even Tesla can’t necessarily be put in the same category as Rolls-Royce. It’s a name that prides itself on bespoke vehicles for the uber rich. In order to continue capturing the minds and wallets of the super-rich Rolls-Royce is undergoing somewhat of a transformation. For one, the company is debuting automobiles tied to certain themes, or as the company calls it its “Inspiration Series.” Earlier this year, the automaker unveiled a model that was inspired by movies, decked out in rich interior accents and fancy video marketing. On Friday, Rolls-Royce unveiled its latest in the "Inspiration Series", this time one inspired by the fashion industry. The newest automobile is a little edgier than the version inspired by movies, in keeping with the nature of the fashion industry. Rolls-Royce is also infusing more technology into its cars. TheStreet’s Brian Sozzi talks with Eric Shepherd, President of Rolls-Royce North America to learn more about the newest collaboration and what else may be in the cards. Subscribe to TheStreetTV on YouTube: For more content from TheStreet visit: Check out all our videos: Follow TheStreet on Twitter: Like TheStreet on Facebook: Follow TheStreet on LinkedIn: Follow TheStreet on Google+:


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