How to generate patterns that can lead to fashion costumes

How to generate patterns that can lead to fashion costumes There are some ways of expressing your creativity through different wet techniques. In this video I will show you more and then, wait until the end of the video to see where all these can lead us. First, I played with my brush and black ink. Try different approaches: wet or dry surfaces, soft lines or bold ones, dots, transparencies or graphical lines. You can try this exercise in colored watercolors or inks. Another thing you can do is to use different tools to obtain interesting patterns. This time, this fan brush inspired me to create textures like you can see. A pen or a needle that can scratch the surface of the paper could be nice too. Then, i used a bamboo tool to obtain soft lines.Playing with wet surfaces can have a nice effect. Sit back to see how many different techniques there are and then, wait to see how I used all these in a fashion costume. Now these are some examples of what you can do and what kind of traces your tools can leave. These are dried because I did them before the shooting of this video. I will quickly go through them, just to make my point that these are various ways of playing in black and white. After deciding you had enough patterns, you can start sketching. Always trace the shape of the outfit with a pencil. Then,cut some interesting parts from the papers you already have. Do not glue the parts from the beginning but rather arrange them to see if they match one to each other. If not, you can always come back and add some contrast or use another pattern. Do not over-work one area of the costume. As I previously said, leave some empty spaces or a black area to have a contrast.A wide Copic marker will do. Then, for sure, you will need a colored area and if you decide to go for black and white in your costume, go for a colored background.Then, with a posca white marker add details if you want. For the second sketch, repeat the process and use the same colors: pink and the 2 non-colors: black and white- just to make sure you have a unity in your collection. Next week, in my second video related to this subject i will show you how to better present your works in order to put them in your portfolio - if interested to apply to a fashion university. See you next time and until then, please do not forget to leave me a thumbs up or a comment if you liked my video. And, as always, please subscribe if you didn't do it until now. I used: Chinese Ink Posca white marker Copic marker 8B pencils Find me also here: My Facebook: My Google: My Site: My Instagram: My Pinterest: My illustrations:


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