Trash Fashion

Video directed by: Matt Ridding & Trash Fashion written by: Jet Storm After shooting our last two videos with production companies confined to studio spaces in London the band wanted to get out in the open air and put together something a bit different. They headed off to their homeland Birmingham to see what they could shoot in just one day with a friend of theirs, a camera, a pocketful of change and a few ideas. The resulting video, written and co-directed by the band, has an ambitious and hectic storyline as Trash Fashion race around trying to prevent their mascot Sniff - who has appeared in a cameo role in all of their previous videos - from falling into the grasp of evil scientists. As such it acts as a prequel to the videos that have gone before and shows the botched humanization procedure which transformed Sniff into an evil monster. You might have to watch it a few times to work out what is going on! Released: 12.4.08 Amazon, itunes, 7digital, HMV


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