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Fashion show 2016- selection -Plus Size Fashion 2016 #2017 The looks caused sighs in the spectators, Sizély lingerie had a romantic footprint on the catwalk; The Lunender and Melinde with their casual and modern fashion; Attribute Jeans featured beautiful pants and stylish models of super fashionable pieces; Pianeta with her party dresses that value and leave the woman more beautiful than it already is; Cosma who presented casual and sophisticated models; Emphasis showed quality and elegance; The Marri Gattô, vibrant, with a cheerful, chic and fascinating footprint, typical of the Rio style; In the brand Xica Vaidosa there were heard many "I want" come whispered from the auditorium, in addition to models very well prepared to represent the mark on the catwalk; Lojas Pernambucanas that closed the parade in style bringing not only clothes for women GG, but the men's fashion, with two beautiful, fat representatives that caused a frenzy in the audience. The brands Cachopa Brazil and Korukru stood out on the stage, as they left the common come and go of the runways and performed on stage. The Cachopa beach fashion began its parade with a beautiful Brazilian representative playing berimbau that crossed the public, went on stage and gave a Brazilian show with its music and dance, besides the presence of a beautiful plus size samba that enchanted to all that watched the parade. All this with a group that played live Brazilian songs. The Korukru leather accessories already presented a different trend, also put a pop rock band live to brighten the parade. All the models come together on the stage dressed in different belts that besides composing the look gave a characteristic and style of a lot of attitude, like rockets, dominatrix, cangaceiras, among others, besides the remarkable makeup, the models not only paraded, but gave a Show Unfortunately few plus size fashion brands were present at the event. I believe that Fashion Weekend Plus Size is a great place to make contacts with manufacturers, shopkeepers and show the general public how this market is on the rise, not only with big models, but beautiful, worked, daring pieces that emerge in women The "self esteem, confidence and beauty", words used by Calina Funicelli, owner of the brand Cachopa. fashion week plus size verão 2017,fashion week plus size 2016 year,fashion week plus size 2016 youtube,fashion week plus size verão,fashion week plus size verão brasil,fashion week plus size verão hd,fashion week plus size verão paulo,fashion week plus size verão usa,fashion week plus size verão youtube,london plus size fashion week 2015,london plus size fashion week,plus size fashion week brazil,fashion week plus size 2013 ,brasil,brazilian plus size fashion week,desfile fashion week plus size 2013,desfile fashion week plus size 2015,plus size runway show fashion week,plus size models strutting fashion week runways,plus size fashion week uk,uk plus size fashion week 2014,fashion week plus size uol,,fashion week plus size youtube fashion week plus size new york,new york fashion week plus size show,new york fashion week plus size models,new york fashion week plus size designers,plus size fashion week new york 2014,plus size fashion week new york 2015,fashion week plus size verão 2017,fashion weekend plus size verão 2016,12a fashion weekend plus size verão 2016,fashion weekend plus size verão ,fashion weekend plus size verão 2015,fashion weekend plus size verão 2016,fashion weekend plus size verão 2017,fashion weekend plus size verão 58,fashion weekend plus size verão 83,fashion weekend plus size verão 86,fashion weekend plus size verão brasil,fashion weekend plus size verão epa,fashion weekend plus size verão frozen,fashion weekend plus size verão in english,fashion weekend plus size verão paulo,fashion weekend plus size verão salvador,fashion weekend plus size verão youtube,fashion weekend plus size verão 2016,fashion weekend plus size verão 2017,fashion weekend plus size verão 2015,12a fashion weekend plus size verão 2016,fashion weekend plus size verão


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