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LA Makeup School https://youtu.be/YaNKoTdcC6k If you're ready for an exciting career as a makeup artist, the Academy of Makeup & Fashion On Set is the place for you! In just a few weeks our students learn essential techniques to work as freelance makeup artists, developing skills in full spectrum of beauty and makeup industries. Our website: The AMF On Set's "Professional makeup Artist" Certificate Program is designed as an intensive Beauty & Media Course that covers all aspects of beauty makeup, theory, application, tools and techniques, and includes a fully-stocked Makeup Artist Kit. The AMF On Set Media program is a unique course that includes experience working on set with various photographers, Video and Film production to give you on the job experience in different mediums of the entertainment industry. You will build a beautiful portfolio of your work, a valuable tool that will open doors and launch your career on the fast track to success! YOU WILL LEARN: *Salon Beauty to Beautiful Brides *Theory & Principle of Color Analysis *Total Makeover & Personal Style *Fashion & Glamour Camouflage & Corrective *Media & Motion Picture Makeup *Color vs Black & White Photography Complete Makeup Artist Certificate programs start at $2500. CALL 818-905-0828 LIKE our Facebook Page:


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