Top 10 Online shopping Sites India 2016

Here is Complete List of best Online Shopping Sites India http://goo.gl/PjPSiS Ecommerce is all the rage these days, especially in India. India is one of the fastest growing economies around the world today. The concept of shopping from the comfort of one’s home has caught the fancy or burgeoning middle class of the country, fueling the growth of hundreds of eCommerce portals in a short span of time. However, some Indian shopping sites stand out from the rest on account of their service as well as the prices they offer. Here are the top 5 online shopping sites in India, ranked in popularity in decreasing order. Flipkart - Arguably, Flipkart is the platform which brought easy online shopping to Indian households. It started as a platform for buying books and today, it has expanded into an online mega store, selling gadgets, games, computers, consumer durable and a whole lot more. The popularity of Flipkart can be gauged from the fact that it is first Indian web start-up with a billion dollar evaluation in a short span of five years. That fact speaks volumes about the popularity of this online shopping site which has everyone by storm. Read a thorough Flipkart Review. Amazon.in – This online shopping site in India ranks a notch or two below Flipkart. It is much older than Flipkart and thus offers an array of items including but not limited to mobile phones, flowers, gifts, books, health and beauty products, lifestyle products and a whole lot more. The wide array of items on display, the credibility and a secure platform are what makes this online shopping site such a hit among Indian netizens. Ebay India Home Shop 18 – The platform which exposed Indian buyers to often funny TV ads has come of age. Started by the TV 18 Network, this online Indian shopping site has quite a sizeable fan base. It has a wide array of items to choose from, the standout among which is jewelry. Yes, at Home Shop 18, you can actually buy jewelry from the comfort of your home. Now, someone might have thought about the lazy housewives out there. Myntra.com – Started in 2007, Myntra.com has scaled the popularity charts quite rapidly. Dedicated to branded apparel and footwear, this site definitely ranks among the top 5 when it comes to online shopping sites in India. With a clean user interface and a huge variety on offer, including footwear and apparel for kids, men and women, this niche online shopping portal is a must check out if you are looking to go apparel shopping. But Myntra no longer provide services on their website instead they use APP Only platform. Read more about online shopping sites in India and also get coupon code and daily deals, offer for online shopping sites India Free Get Coupons and deal of the day offers on Social Sites


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