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1000 subs = Giveaway! Leave me a comment what you would like to shop/search for (dress, pants, bag or maybe you have special occasion, i.e. wedding party and have no idea what to dress? ) and I will contact 3 people and arrange an online (skype) consultation with each of you according to your request. I will show you what is best for your body shape, your style and we will check shopable examples from online shops! Easyyy :) In this video I will explain: What types of fashion trends there are. What colors, patterns, silhouettes and details are trending this year. Lastly, I will share some styling ideas which I have observed on the runways. Link to pinterest boards: Let´s be friends! Instagram: Facebook: Blog: Youtube: ------ Transcript: Hi! today I'll be talking about the main fashion trends for 2017. This Fashion Trend Report is based on Spring Summer Collections and Pre-Fall collections, because Fall-Winter collections will be presented during the fashion week in February. First of all, there are two types of trends MACRO trends, which last from 5 to 10 years and MICRO trends, a little bit smaller trends, they last from 1 to 2 years. And then we have fads, which usually just pop up from one season and they are gone. Now that we know what types of trends there are, lets look into Fashion Trend Report. And we will start with colors. According to color institute the main color of the year is Greenery. To sum up, we will have big variety of different colors just look outside to the rainbow and you will see all the trending colors for this year. Which is good, cause the we can choose colors which suits us best. But don't be afraid to experiment and you might be surprised with results. Now, lets move on to another topic of Fashion Trend Report which is PATTERNS. In Spring Summer and Pre-Fall collections I have seen a lot stripes, plaids and bold prints. Lets start with stripes, stripes in my opinion has literally nine lives. They were here last season, and last season, and probably 5 years ago. And I bet that everyone has something with stripes in their closets. Go for bold, vertical horizontal or diagonal stripes. Don't forget that different stripes create different illusions, therefore choose ones, which flatter your body shape most. Let's move on to second part of prints and here we have, surprise, surprise - plaids or checked fabric. All kinds are trending. Pin check, racing inspired, window pane or plaids mixed other patterns. Lastly Bold prints. We have Floral, arty, crazy pop and monochrome outfits. On the catwalks I have noticed a lot of different prints mixed together. Another huge trend is to wear same print head to toe. A bit harder to pull off, but it definitely looks amazing on the catwalks. So we are almost in the middle of Fashion Trend Report and next topic I will be talking about is silhouettes or cuts. You should remember these three combinations when talking about silhouettes: asymmetrical cuts, bold shoulders and big sleeves. You can bring asymmetrical trend into your wardrobe very easily, by just adding asymmetrical hemlines, asymmetrical closures, details and one shoulder pieces. Next we have strong shoulder trend, which is an echo from 80s trends, with a modern twist. Sharp shoulder jackets, extended seaming, poncho inspired tops. Lets face it, broader shoulders will make your hips look smaller, which is always almost always good. Otherwise you can create feminine hourglass silhouette by just adding something very voluminous on the bottom. And lastly we have sleeves: trumpet, flared, pushed up, balloon and bishop sleeves. I love this trend because it's very easy to dress up even the simplest pair of of jeans by just adding statement sleeves - like these! To sum up, all these trends can flatter your body shape if you know very simple rules. In Future I will be making videos according to body shapes. So Subscribe to my channel and ..... that's it. Next topic of this Fashion Trend Report is about details which is very very important. In this category you will see cargo pockets, double breasted tops, of course, ruffles and bows. Cargo pockets is a continuing trend from last years - military vibe. Slits, I have seen a lot of slits on the sides of the skirt, on the sleeves, on the hem of pants and a lot of slits in front. I think it is very sexy trend. Double breasted jackets and coats definitely cool and feminine trend from 80s. Ruffles are everywhere! If you are not sick of ruffles yet, after this season you will, you will be! Because ruffles are attacking all the parts of our clothes. Hemlines, sleeves, pockets, shoulders! Everything! That's it, lets move on. Next detail worth talking about is bows. Bows can be on neck, shoulders, on the side of blouse or skirt. It is very cute trend.


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