How to make a multicolor rainbow Loom, Triple Single bracelet. This bracelet is my best seller.

This is the fast version, If you find it too difficult to follow please watch the slower version: http://youtu.be/X-qoh02cOx4 This bracelet require 2 looms. You can also do it on one, and add an extension. Or invite a friend that has a loom, and share the looms :) Rubber band list: 11 neon green 6 yellow 6 neon orange 6 orange 6 red 6 pink 6 fuchsia 6 purple 6 navy blue 6 ocean blue 6 turquoise 6 dark green 25 glow in the dark Need a rubber bands kit? Please watch my latest video: HOW TO MAKE A TRIPLE SINGLE LOOPY BRACELET. HOW TO CLOSE A RAINBOW LOOM BRACELET WITHOUT A C-CLIP. MANY PATTERNS FOR YOU TO GET INSPIRED AND DO IT YOURSELF. HOW TO MAKE THE FISHTAIL RAINBOW LOOM BRACELET. Trendy rainbow loom (formerly known as Twist Bandz) bracelet, made of rubber bands. Handmade in the USA, by me, using two looms - all the way around (not half like most). If you want them ready to wear, you can get them on my stores: ETSY - eBay - Can be custom made - please message me requests :) You can find me on FaceBook: Email: artycraftystudio.com@gmail.com Thanks for watching. Have FUN :) ***Copyright 2013 Gila Peleg - Arty Crafty Studio***


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