How to Keep your Line-up Fresh After Haircuts using The Cut Buddy!

Learn how to give yourself a fresh line up using The Cut Buddy shape up tool. It helps your haircuts last longer by allowing you to easily touch up hair growth that comes about a week after the barbershop. Buy the Cut Buddy for yourself or a friend here using the Coupon Code 3WP to get a 10% discoun: or buy here on Amazon – For more info about the cut buddy visit here: - Check out my written review for more info about the cut buddy: - – The Cut Buddy here: – Line-up clippers I use to shave: - (NEW!) 360 Waves Daily Process Method: Visit my channel to see if you like my other videos: - How to re-grow your hairline after a bad line-up: – Check out my other YouTube channel for more videos by me:


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