The Manga Fashion Bible by Christopher Hart

Are you a manga artist? A dedicated Otaku? Would you like to learn how to draw stylish, attractive manga characters? If the answer is "yes," then my new book, ""The Manga Fashion Bible," is exactly what you're looking for. In this page-flipping video preview, you'll get a sneak peek of this in-depth, instruction manual. It's the ultimate drawing tutorial for creating chic manga fashions and accessories. Everything is shown in a step-by-step manner, along with special "hint boxes" to make the instructions easy to follow. You'll learn how to mix and match eye-catching outfits, create patterns and color schemes, and draw those tricky folds and creases (we'll make them easy!). Best of all, it's all authentic. You'll find cool chapters devoted to the latest fashion trends from Japan, such as Mori, Lolita, Cute Punk, and J-Pop. You can learn how to draw it all. And now, on with the show. Play the video, and enjoy your preview! Follow Christopher Hart Subscribe on Youtube: Like Christopher Hart on Facebook: Check out Christopher Hart's Books!


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