Gay vs. Straight Men's Fashion

Men Style Fashion was able to have a chat with John Halls about the Gay vs. Straight Men's Fashion Debate! Watch the next video in this series - Other Videos form this interview: How To Handle Rejection - How to Dress Well for Men - How to Get Modeling Jobs - Watch MORE model interviews: Rick Hall - David Gandy - Tinie Tempah - Find us on social media: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Our E-Magazine - TRANSCRIPTION: Im the very few women in the world doing this. In fact, I am the only woman in the world talking about Mens Fashion and I am so pumped with it. and im also the very few magazines talking about the Gay man Vs the Straight man in fashion Lets be fair it is a gay man's world One winner there... Only one winner! So, you know, just for the record if you don't mind saying, are you gay or straight? Im straight! how do you handle it? because in Men Style Fashion, if you're well dressed they are like "he's gay" Where have we gone wrong? First of all still in 2015, whats going on here? I get that quite a but when I'm out all my mates dress well and whenever we go out to a club, bar whatever, we do get asked it quite a lot Are you guys gay? Sometimes we play up to it, sometimes we don't! but yeah! Its bad isn't it? But thats a good thing for the gays! They look well, they look great! Its nice! Its just a bad thing for these straight guys who aint looking good! You know, its their fault! Whats your message to the straight guy? It is that fear, its that barrier. Who are, Cheroud, the French Footballer. Cheroud, Cheroud... "Oh what, the Arsenal boy? He, the biggest thing, that football did about a year ago which I loved. He modelled in a gay mans magazine And he said "Well its just a magazine" "i'm not gay" Do you think thats the way forward? That had a lot of impact. I would happily model in a gay magazine. You now a magazine is a magazine. As long as I aint got my bits out! Whats ahead for you? 2015? You've had a cracker of a start! Ive had a great start so, I think my next couple of weeks are pretty busy beyond that, I don't know So er, id like get out to maybe New York for a little while that would be nice Well the USA are having their first ever Mens Event! Fashion Week! in April, you know that? You need to get out there! What going on here? Is you breaking into the US a big thing for modeling? I mean its such a big market out there as a model, if you can go out there and do well its a major thing for you One of the things that I noticed about you You've got a great personality, a great smile, and a lot of people, end up going in to acting is that something you could do? I really really want to go into acting I really do I think I've got a long way at the moment before I go into that in terms of going into some classes I dont wanna be too raw in going in and thinking I'm going to do this and do that I like to think sometimes go into things sort of be prepared and have something about myself before I stick my head in or my neck out But I did do a short film about a year ago I can't think of the name of it now! I really enjoyed it it was really good Alan Sharday was the director I think thats how to pronounce his second name! if its not, sorry Alan! But it was good, and it sort of... I wanna do more Credits: Interviewer - Gracie Opulanza Interviewee - John Halls Recording - Lewis Jackson Social Media Editing - Lewis Jackson Social Media YouTube Optimization - Lewis Jackson Social Media


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