Fashion Retailers Can Now Run Digital Changeroom Contests

Take your fitting room to the next level with a My Style Contest – where shoppers try on clothes and share for votes to win prizes! Fashion retailing is changing is many ways. If you are in the clothing business then you know what it takes to attract customers to your store. Here is a simple but powerful idea for marketing your fashion business online. Imagine running a contest that lets shoppers try on pieces from your catalog, mix and match items, and compete with friends on coming up with the best style. More at This type of contest is perfect for: * Fashion retail outlets * Fashion brands * Shopping centres * Fashion designers * Fashion shows / events This type of web / mobile contest can be easily done using the ComicReply platform ComicReply is a marketing platform that makes it easy to run new types of Social Media Marketing Contests - Looking for a great contest idea for your brand? Download free eBooks with Contest Ideas at


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