My HUGE Back to School Haul!!! :)

So this video was made a year ago, you can see from the date^^^ I was going into eighth grade and I didn't know much about "high fashion" besides what I read in The Clique. I didn't care about being the best dressed in school, because for people in my school "best dressed" was Abercrombie, Hollister, aka the stuff I was trying NOT to wear that year. I cared about liking my own clothes and somewhat standing out, which some of the clothes helped with. Yes, I called graphic tees high fashion and I thought that Juicy was a big designer company, but once again, I got all my "fashion" advice from The Clique. My opinions have completely changed, but I don't regret what I say in this video. To me, this haul WAS huge, which I told everyone in the video, and I'm not gonna change the name just to please people that don't like it. Whenever I watch this, it makes me smile because I see how I've grown up. So if you still want to comment about how it's not "huge", "high fashion", it's cheap, I always say "um", make clucking noises and I'm not pretty then go ahead. But if your point is to make me feel bad, then it's not going to work. If it really bothers you, DON'T FREAKIN WATCH IT. And if you were expecting more of a haul, go watch a more popular YouTuber's hauls, don't get mad that I made this and it came up when you searched "back to school haul". And for anyone that finished reading this, thanks, it means a lot, and I hope you understand what I'm saying. Enjoy the video.(: Oh and one more thing, the reason why I stopped making videos wasn't because of hate comments or anything like that. Really, it was because I, well, got a life :) But to all my subscribers and the people that left nice comments, thank you so much! You're all amazing people :D Original Description: I didn't get to upload this last night cuz I went to sleep like 2 minutes after I finished making the vid :P We have to go back to school in 2 days so we had to go shopping quick!!!! But we had an AWESOME time and went to so many great stores and there was so many cute things It was seriously one of the best shopping trips I've EVER been on :)


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