Gihan Amarasiriwardena: What Engineering Can Teach Fashion Design - SXSW V2V 2014

Across industries, linear design processes result in products that are distant from customer needs. Without direct insights from real people, it becomes nearly impossible to improve the consumer experience. What if we could learn from tech’s cyclical design process? Common in engineering, iterative design allows ideas to be validated in the real world, resulting in products that truly meet the needs of your audience. From the lab benches of Ministry of Supply, Co-founder and CEO Gihan Amarasiriwardena combines his passion for tech with his eye for fashion, employing a cyclical design process to the development of a new category of menswear: functional and flattering clothing that adapts to the daily activities of the modern man. Hear what it’s like to deviate from a prescribed, linear fashion design process to adopt a tech-inspired process, the importance of having integrated, multi-faceted teams and what the world of fashion can learn from science and technology.


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