Create, Promote and Sell -- Fashion Boutique Business : HOW MUCH TO INVEST

http://www.designandmeindia.com/how-t... 75% of all new businesses and entrepreneurs fail because of the fact that they do not have a correct estimate of how much their venture will cost and no backup plan if the whimsical Bans do not consent to fund them! Sad but true. If you do not organize your finances, it is very hardtop stay afloat. Let us start by taking a look at how much you can expect to invest in a business in the fashion industry. A tricky question as it involves taking into account the standard of living of the state where you reside. Displayed here is the list of the major cities in India in decreasing order of the expenses you can expect to incur while running a business of any size! We strongly recommend following the checklist shared in this video before deciding on a loan amount to apply for. This list we believe is quite comprehensive and can help you decide on a loan amount to apply for. In this Video, you shall also find an ideal breakup of the money you plan to borrow taking into account problems, success and ambition and leaving space for you to experiment with marketing and branding. Find us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:


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