Tour of a Traditional Japanese House

A walk through a large traditional Japanese house with a beautiful garden in Tokyo. The Asakura House is located three minutes away from Daikanyama station (one stop from Shibuya). The house was built in 1919 by a very rich family and it is rare to find such a well preserved building that survived both the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923 and the fire bombings in World War II. A must see if you like Japanese architecture and homes. From Daikanyama Station, go to the intersection of Hachiman Dori and Kyu-Yamate Dori. It is a very short walk. You will see a police box (koban) at the intersection. Take the pedestrian bridge to the koban. The entrance is located across the street from the koban. The fee is 100 yen. Recommended not to go during winter in order to enjoy the views of the garden.


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