Home Photography Studio Setup - Tips for building a DIY Home Portrait Studio on a budget

I am going to walk you through my home photography studio and show you some cool tips for maximizing space in your home portrait studio. I stopped renting studio space about 10 years ago and decided to build a working studio in my basement. In this video I will show you a lot of the gadgets and tricks and DIY photography solutions that I have found to maximize my shooting space to be able to make this a very efficient photography studio. I will also show you how I deal with the low ceilings and explain what lenses I use to be able to do pretty much any thing I would do in a larger space. Be sure to stay tuned until the end of the video and I’ll show you how to create a bed, a wall and a product platform all in one unit that stores flat against a wall. My home portrait studio has a total of 671 square feet, but due to the layout and of course things like heating units and hot water heaters and a sump pump, I only have a usable 474 square feet for shooting and makeup and another 75 square feet that is usable for storage. The main shooting area that is 23 feet long by 12 feet wide, and it has a ceiling height that is just shy of 8 feet. I chose white walls and a white ceiling so that I could actually use the space both as a white background, and also as built in reflectors. In this home photography studio, I used a wood laminate flooring just for something different. In the past, I have used a neutral gray painted floor and in hindsight, I would go back to the gray floor if I were to remodel or move. The neutral gray floor will allow you to use colored gels on your strobes to change its color. ———————————— PRODUCTS MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO Hydraulic Shampoo & Barber Chair: Vinyl Bar Stool W/ Adjustable Height Air Lift & Swivel: 5 Gallon Desktop Cold & Hot Water Dispenser: Fotodiox Single-Roller Roll Paper Drive set with Wall Mount Support: Manfrotto Expan Drive Set with Red Metal Chain: Dock Loading Light, Double Arm, 40” Length: Manfrotto Wall Mounting Boom Arm: 3-Tier Wire Rolling Cart: Translucent material: ———————————— VIDEOS MENTIONED The Best Color Photography Background For Portraits Is Gray: DIY Photography LED Studio Lights for Portraits & Headshots: DIY Fluorescent Photography Studio Lighting with T8 Bulbs: SUBSCRIBE to learn how to improve your photography! PATREON: Let's support each other! SHOP FOR TOGSWAG℠ SIGN UP FOR MY EMAIL NEWSLETTER MY WEBSITE MODELS SHOULD VISIT LET'S CONNECT! - Like on FACEBOOK: - Follow on TWITTER: - Follow on INSTAGRAM: - Check my boards on PINTEREST: - Connect on LINKEDIN: - Connect on GOOGLE+: FTC Disclosure: No sponsors have paid for or provided equipment or material shown in this video. Amazon affiliate links help to support this channel.


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